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Rectangular sauna house with rest room 4.6m x 2.3m

Rectangular sauna house with rest room 4.6m x 2.3m

Construction area – 10.5 m2
Sauna – 3.8 m2
Rest area + shower – 4.1 m2
External walls, floor and roof insulated with 100 mm Paroc rockwool, anti-wind and anti-condensation film in walls, roof and floor; the floor is protected by a net against rodents and a net against insects;

Roof covering – rolled profile
Spruce surface treatment, painted with Remmers paint (color according to the customer’s wishes from the Remmers paint catalog)
Doors with glazing
Window showcase – 0.98 m x 2 m
Window showcase – 0.54 m x 2 m
Hinged window in the sauna – 0.4 m x 1 m
Shower corner 90 cm x 90 cm
Glass shower door
Shower drain
Shower with flow heater
Shower faucet with shower head
Heating electric cable in the water line (anti-freeze)
Forced fan with isolated outlet
Ventilation in the roof
Fully tiled shower
The floors in the sauna and rest room are tiled

In the recreational area, the walls are made of Nordic spruce, painted with OSMO Decorwatch oil (The surface is resistant to stains from wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, juice, milk and other liquids)
Finishing boards for the sauna – black alder
Black alder bench in the sauna + floor grid
The sauna stove is heated from the outside, insulated chimney, water tank for the chimney 50L
The electrical installation is built into the walls
Sauna door made of tempered glass
Built-in lamps in the living area
Outdoor LED lighting
Price with shipping to the customer

Price: 455 000 Kč

Price: 455 000 Kč

After discount: 432 250 Kč

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